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Human skin T cells express conserved T cell receptors that cross-react with staphylococcal superantigens and CD1a.
Bryan E, Teague JE, Eligul S, Arkins WC, Moody DB, Clark RA, Van Rhijn I. Journal of Investigational Dermatology. 2023 Nov 9:S0022-202X(23)02983-4. PMID: 37951348

CD1 lipidomes reveal lipid-binding motifs and size-based antigen-display mechanisms.
Huang S, Shahine A, Cheng TY, Chen YL, Ng SW, Balaji GR, Farquhar R, Gras S, Hardman CS, Altman JD, Tahiri N, Minnaard AJ, Ogg GS, Mayfield JA, Rossjohn J, Moody DB. Cell. 2023 Oct 12;186(21):4583-4596.e.13. PMID: 37725977

A terpene nucleoside from M. tuberculosis induces lysosomal lipid storage in foamy macrophages.
Bedard M, van der Niet S, Bernard EM, Babunovic G, Cheng TY, Aylan B, Grootemaat AE, Raman S, Botella L, Ishikawa E, O’Sullivan MP, O’Leary S, Mayfield JA, Buter J, Minnaard AJ, Fortune SM, Murphy LO, Ory DS, Keane J, Yamasaki S, Gutierrez MG, van der Wel N, Moody DB. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2023 Mar 15;133(6):e161944. PMID:36757797.

Biotin-dependent cell envelope remodelling is required for Mycobacterium abscessus survival in lung infection.
Sullivan MR, McGowen K, Liu Q, Akusobi C, Young DC, Mayfield JA, Raman S, Wolf ID, Moody DB, Aldrich CC, Muir A, Rubin EJ. Nature Microbiology. 2023 Mar;8(3):481-497. PMID: 36658396

Staphylococcal phosphatidylglycerol antigens activate human T cells via CD1a.
Monnot GC, Wegrecki M, Cheng TY, Chen YL, Sallee BN, Chakravarthy R, Karantza IM, Tin SY, Khaleel AE, Monga I, Uwakwe LN, Tillman A, Cheng B, Youssef S, Ng SW, Shahine A, Garcia-Vilas JA, Uhlemann AC, Bordone LA, Han A, Rohde CH, Ogg G, Moody DB, Rossjohn J, de Jong A. Nature Immunology. 2023 Jan;24(1):110-122.PMID: 36550321

Atypical sideways recognition of CD1a by autoreactive γδ T cell receptors.
Wegrecki M, Ocampo TA, Gunasinghe SD, von Borstel A, Tin SY, Reijneveld JF, Cao TP, Gully BS, Le Nours J, Moody DB, Van Rhijn I, Rossjohn J. Nature Communications. 2022 Jul 5;13(1):3872. PMID: 35790773

Single-cell eQTL models reveal dynamic T cell state dependence of disease loci.
Nathan A, Asgari S, Ishigaki K, Valencia C, Amariuta T, Luo Y, Beynor JI, Baglaenko Y, Suliman S, Price AL, Lecca L, Murray MB, Moody DB, Raychaudhuri S. Nature. 2022 Jun;606(7912):120-128. PMID: 35545678

CD1a selectively captures endogenous cellular lipids that broadly block T cell response.
Cotton RN, Wegrecki M, Cheng TY, Chen YL, Veerapen N, Le Nours J, Orgill DP, Pomahac B, Talbot SG, Willis R, Altman JD, de Jong A, Van Rhijn I, Clark RA, Besra GS, Ogg G, Rossjohn J, Moody DB. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2021 Jul 5;218(7):e20202699. PMID: 33961028

Human skin is colonized by T cells that recognize CD1a independently of lipid.
Cotton RN, Cheng TY, Wegrecki M, Le Nours J, Orgill DP, Pomahac B, Talbot SG, Willis RA, Altman JD, de Jong A, Ogg G, Van Rhijn I, Rossjohn J, Clark RA, Moody DB. The Journal of Clinical Investigation. 2021 Jan 4;131(1):e140706. PMID: 33393500

Human γδ T cells recognize CD1b by two distinct mechanisms.
Reijneveld JF, Ocampo TA, Shahine A, Gully BS, Vantourout P, Hayday AC, Rossjohn J, Moody DB, Van Rhijn I. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2020 Sep 15;117(37):22944-22952. PMID: 32868441

Discovery of Salmonella trehalose phospholipids reveals functional convergence with mycobacteria.
Reinink P, Buter J, Mishra VK, Ishikawa E, Cheng TY, Willemsen PTJ, Porwollik S, Brennan PJ, Heinz E, Mayfield JA, Dougan G, van Els CA, Cerundolo V, Napolitani G, Yamasaki S, Minnaard AJ, McClelland M, Moody DB, Van Rhijn I. Journal of Experimental Medicine. 2019 Apr 1;216(4):757-771.PMID: 30804000

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