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Moody Laboratory

D. Branch Moody, MD

Branch graduated from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and trained in Rheumatology and Immunology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. His lab seeks to better understand human T cell responses in major infectious diseases and autoimmunity.

Tan-Yun Cheng, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist

Tan-Yun obtained her PhD in Chemistry at the University of Chicago. She joined the Moody lab in 1999 as a staff scientist. She has been involved in many areas of lipid biology research, especially in lipidomics projects for CD1 lipid antigen discovery.

Jakob A. Mayfield, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist

Jake obtained a PhD in Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology with Daphne Preuss at the University of Chicago and did his postdoctoral studies with Jasper Rine UC Berkeley. His research interest is quantitative genetic phenotypes, especially in disease and the host response. He uses mass spectrometry profiling to identify quantitative differences in metabolites like Mtb lipids. He uses and develops bioinformatics tools to connect important, real-world phenotypes to their genetic basis.

Ildiko van Rhijn, PhD

As an immunologist, Ildiko studies human immune responses against bacterial lipids and metabolites, and against self-molecules. She has a special interest in NKT cells, γδ T cells, MAIT cells and other unconventional T cells and wants to contribute to alter functions of these cells to improve human health.

David Young, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist

David received a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.  He specializes in liquid chromatography mass spectrometry approaches to biochemical analysis, particularly the analysis of lipids. David is one of the scientists who discovered previously unknown molecules in the cell envelope of M. tuberculosis.

Sahadevan Raman, PhD
Senior Staff Scientist

Saha completed a PhD in microbiology, where he became interested in mycobacterial genetics and physiology. He is an expert in all-things mycobacterial, contributed to our understanding of sigma factors, transcriptional regulation, surface biology and signaling.

Yashodhan Nair, MBChB, MSc
Postdoctoral Fellow

Yash graduated from the University of Cape Town in the intercalated MBChB/BSc track. After working in the South African public healthcare service, he went on to Trinity College Dublin for an MSc in Immunology as a Kader Asmal Fellow. He is interested in M. tuberculosis pathogenicity and is currently working on new molecule discovery using lipidomics.

Gregory H. Babunovic, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow

Greg obtained his bachelor degreesin Microbiology and Immunology at Penn State and completed his PhD in Sarah Fortune’s lab at T. H. Chen Harvard School of Public Health. He is interested in bacterial lipids that are important for M. tuberculosis infection and tuberculosis disease, focusing on how these lipids impact bacterial physiology and growth in infection models.

Sezin Eligul, BS
Research Assistant

Sezin joined the Moody Lab in 2022 after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology at the Boston University. Her research interest is focused on the experimental methods to shed light on T cell responses to CD1-restricted lipids in tuberculosis.

Wellington Arkins, BS
Research Assistant

Wells received his BS in biology from Boston College in 2023 and joined the Moody lab. He is currently studying T cell response to CD1 restricted lipids.

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